Dental Caries

Dental Caries:

Dental Caries

Tooth decay, also known as cavities or caries, is the breakdown of teeth resulting in cavity formation due to acids produced by bacteria plaque.  Patient may have sensitivity, pain and difficulty with eating. Acids produced by bacteria result in loss of mineral from teeth, destruction of tooth structure, cavity formation and ultimately resulting in infection and abscess formation.

What is mechanism of caries?

The cause of caries is acid produced by bacteria plaque dissolving the hard tissue of the teeth (enamel, dentin and cementum) resulting in cavity formation. The acids are produced by the bacteria when they break down food debris or sugar on the tooth surface. Simple sugar in food is the bacteria’s primary energy source and thus a diet high in simple sugar is a risk factor. Saliva has anticaries property like bactericidal, buffer action to neutralize bacterial acids and remineralization capacity to add calcium and phosphate to tooth to repair tooth. If mineral breakdown by caries is greater than build up from sources such as saliva, caries results.

How is caries Treated?

Odontology Inn is best dental clinic in Multan to deal dental caries. Preventive and remineralization therapy, microinvasive and restorative treatment options are used to best deal with dental caries at different stage according to modern researches. The best treatment of dental caries is prevention of tooth decay. Prevention is done by oral hygienic (brushing), scaling and polishing, reducing quantity and frequency of sugar, fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash and fluoride varnish, remineralization therapy, probiotics, prebiotic and saliva stimulation. Pits and fissure Sealants and Resin infiltration are used to deal with initial cares beside fluoride varnish. Once caries advanced to cavity, it has to restored (filled) with filling material like composite etc.
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