Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery:

Oral Surgery

Odontology Inn ensure sterilization, atraumatic, pain-free and bloodless surgery. Sterilization and aseptic techniques minimize the chances of infection and promote speedy wound healing. Minor oral surgeries like nonsurgical tooth removal(extraction), surgical extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, gum and periodontal surgeries, implant surgeries, cyst removal are performed under local anesthesia with excellent result.

Oral SurgerySterilization is key for preventing complication and ensuring successful healing of wound after surgery. Odontology Inn uses high quality disinfection and sterilization by B class autoclave that uses vacuum cycle during sterilization to ensure steam penetration during sterilization. Indicators are used to check sterilization. Packed sterilized instruments are shown to patient with indicators showing sterilization and then wrapped open for surgery. Cross Infection control by disposable gloves, mask, disposable instruments where possible and covering the light, unit electric button with disposable sheets that are changed after every surgery. Patient concern about sterilization is explained for satisfaction.

Oral Surgery is delicate procedure that requires experience and expertise for best result. Assistant professor Dr. Ahmad has 12 years of clinical experience in oral surgery. Atraumatic surgery with precise incision, flap design according to surgery requirement, and use of saline irrigation to prevent heat damage and proper wound closure by suturing ensure speedy healing.

Pain free surgery is made possible by correct diagnosis, use of painkiller, profound local anesthesia and atraumatic surgery. Every effort is made for bloodless surgery by local anesthesia with epinephrine for vasoconstriction, conservative surgical technique, use of local hemostatic agent, suturing and pressure pack.images