Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment(RCT):

RCT is a procedure to save badly destroyed (grossly carious) tooth. In RCT, Tooth is saved but it has no vitality (pulp, blood supply, nerve) means it is dead but functions as a healthy tooth.

What is indication of RCT:

RCT is done when tooth is damaged so deeply that it involves soft tissue of tooth that is called pulp. Caries, trauma and cracks are causative factors for pulp damage. Once pulp is damaged it results in severe pain in tooth due to cold, hot and sweet food that lasts up to 10 to 15 minutes and even longer, sever spontaneous pain, pain on biting, pain during position change like sleeping position, pus and swelling in jaw and patient may have fever due to infection. The best way to save tooth and maintain function is by RCT.

How is RCT Performed?

RCT Performed

RCT is a simple procedure. Tooth is diagnosed that need RCT, local anesthesia is given to numb tooth, rubber dam is applied, caries is removed, access cavity is made to enter root canal system, infected soft tissue (pulp) is removed from root canal and cleaned with rotary instruments and antiseptic solution is used to clean canal and get rid of germs. After that cleaned canals are filled with root canal filling material (gutta purcha).

Is crown necessary after RCT?

 Tooth is restored with permanent filling material like composite, silver amalgam. Crown is recommended in most cases to be place within one month of RCT to prevent tooth from fracture. In badly damaged teeth, endo post is placed inside tooth to support filling material and crown is mandatory in such cases.

What is success rate of RCT?

RCT has a success rate of 90 to 95 percent. Severity of disease, amount of tooth damage, medical condition of patient, quality of RCT, permanent filling and crown, patient risk status for disease and surgical skill of dentist are predominant factors for overall success rate.

Assistant Professor   Dr Muhammad Ahmad is one of the best endodontic and restorative dentists in Multan, Pakistan. He has advanced training, expertise and equipment to deal with difficult cases of RCT. Re-RCT is also performed at Odontology Inn in previously failed RCT cases as well.

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Single visit vs Multi visit RCT:

Odontology Inn proud to be the best endodontics center in Pakistan. Accurate diagnosis, strict sterilization protocol, expertise from Assistant professor Dr. Muhammad Ahmad, modern equipment and instruments like digital radiology (X-RAY) in the form of Digital Sensor, the best NITi rotary instruments from Dentsply (USA) and hyflex EDM from Colten (Germany) and world’s best apex locator ROOT ZX MINI (JAPAN) stands out Odontology Inn as best dental center for single visit RCT.

RCT is prefer to perform in single visit like all body surgical procedure. It may take 45 mints to 2 hours to complete procedure in single visit. Expertise of dentist, nature of disease and patient cooperation are factors to influence single visit or multi visit RCT. In cases presenting with pus and swelling, multi visit (2 visit in most cases) is prefer.