Tooth Color Filling

Aesthetic Tooth Color Filling:

Tooth Color Filling

Composite is a tooth color filling material that bond to tooth structure. Modern cosmetic filling materials are tooth colored that bond to tooth structure.

What are best techniques to restore (filling) the decay tooth?
Minimum invasive filling technique and selective caries removal technique to remove only infected tooth structure and preserve healthy tooth structure, adhesive and additive tooth color filling materials that form strong bond to tooth structure are innovation in modern dentistry. Light cure device (sometime refer as laser) is used to initiate setting reaction of filling material.

What are properties of best filling materials?

  • These filling materials are biocompatible (body friendly).
  • These have antibacterial properties.
  • These materials release fluoride and are antimicrobial and prevent future decay.
  • These have good mechanical properties and long lasting to provide best services for years.
  • Soft (plastic) when applied to teeth, set (harden) by light when light (laser) is exposed to filling material. These are referred as light cure or laser filling materials.light cure